The evolution of 3D printing has made significant strides in today’s ever evolving world. Not only can we print nearly anything from organs to entire homes (yes, a HOME), the cost for such an endeavor has become so affordable that 3D printing is now a driving force in manufacturing in all industries.

Most notably was the emergence of 3D printing in hospitals. While it began as just the few progressive and prominent hospitals (with undoubtedly the budget availability), it has grown into a global use of 3D printing in human medicine. Available and affordable, 3D printing is being incorporated into the process of a normal day’s work. Primarily, it is being used to print patient-specific models prior to surgery where the surgeon can look at a specific patient’s anatomy and practice on this customized 3D model. Positive surgical outcomes increased significantly as the doctors are better prepared.

Quite recently, 3D printing has made its way into animal medicine with veterinary surgeons and even professors having improved their capabilities using this technology.   Imagine having the ability to have a 3D model of a specific patient made for you prior to a surgery where you can study, plan, and execute your treatment with the most accurate information right in front of you. How many animals could have better outcomes if you reduced time under anesthesia and the amount of exposure the animal had while open? Think about how much prognoses would improve with such information as one has the ability to prepare for long, invasive procedures where you can practice and test out different methods of technique. 3D printing can shape the way anatomy and technique is taught by using 3D models of real patients.

Leading the way in the veterinary world is NGD – New Generation Devices who has partnered up with Epica Medical Innovations to bring veterinarians fast, affordable, 3D printed models of their patients. Using Epica’s 3D rendered high definition volumetric scans, a veterinarian can order their 3D model right from this website. This capability is providing the perfect solution to those challenging surgical procedures.

The team at NGD have always been pioneers on the cutting edge of new
technology. A perfect example is the development of 3D printing to help
surgeons find economical and cost effective solutions that enable them to
perfect challenging surgical procedures to bone and joint deformities. This
value added service from NGD allows surgeons to plan and, if required,
rehearse complex procedures without incurring huge additional costs for the
practice or the client. Our 3D technology system can also provide realistic
and accurate bone and joint copies for surgical teaching and training

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