We provide the veterinary community with webinars to explore a variety of imaging cases that offer educational value to better equip viewers with the necessary skills and tools to enhance their use of CT, Radiography, and Ultrasound modalities as it pertains to the highest level of patient care.

Live CE Webinars have been postponed until further notice.  Please direct any questions to danielle@peregrinerad.com.

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3/10/23 – Imaging the Coughing Chihuahua

1/11/23 – CT Case Rounds – Stifle OCD, Osteomyelitis, Discospondylitis, Diaphragmatic Hernia – Paraesophageal, Ectopic nasal turbinates, Hemangiosarcoma (heart), Cr Cruciate partial rupture (arthrthrogram)

1/4/23 – ER Rounds – Hiatal hernia, Gastro-esophageal intussusception, Mammary mass, Umbilical hernia, Inguinal hernia, GB mucocele, Lymphoma, Pleural FF, Lung retraction, Fissures, Pneumonia, Lung mass

12/14/22 – ER Rounds – Peritoneal gas, Intestinal and stomach dilation, Alveolar pattern, Rib fracture, Contusions, Liver and Spleen echogenicity discussion, Virchow’s triad, Lymphoma

12/7/22 – CT Rounds – Masticatory muscle myositis, Thoracic mass, Mast cell tumor invading the GI tract, Severe hip laxity-remodeling-osteophytes, Bursitis, Panosteitis, MSK technical issues, Medial coronoid dysplasia, Ununited anconeal process, DJD, OCD, L/S Osteomylitis, Discospondylitis

11/30/22 – ER Rounds – Upper airway disease, Principle bronchi collapse, Cardiac foreign body, Upper and lower esophageal disease (fluoroscopy cases), Lung worms

11/23/22 – CT Rounds – Developmental defect (failure of closure), Meningiocele, Abdominal foreign body, Digital SCC

11/16/22 – ER Rounds – Pulmonary hypertension, Left-sided congestive heart failure, Chronic lower airway disease, Pulmonary thromboembolic disease, Heartworm, Hiatal hernia, Pneumonia, Megaesophagus

11/9/22 – CT Rounds – Right accessory lung disease, Aggressive joint disease, Lung lesion with mineral foci, R adrenal mass, Functional adenoma, Hyperaldosteronemia

11/2/22 – ER Rounds – Biliary cyst adenomata, GB sludge significance, GI lymphoma, Colonic mass, Cholangiohepatitis, Hiatal hernia, Vertebral fracture, Diverticulum

10/26/22 – CT Rounds – Rhinitis, Liver Mass, Biliary dilation, Pancreatitis, Ocular mass, Portal thrombosis, Bupthalmos, Retinal detachment with hemorrhage, Glaucoma, Subluxation of the lens

10/19/22 – ER Roumds – Twinkle artifact, pulmonary lymphoma, Jejunal FBs, mural gas/intestinal torsion, retroperitoneal fluid – rodenticide poisoning

10/12/22 – CT Rounds – Nerve sheath neoplasia, Immune-mediated disease

9/21/22 – CT Rounds – Thigh mass, panosteitis, humeral medial epicondylitis, nasal mass, brain lesion

9/14/22 – ER Rounds – Obstructive foreign body, infectious bronchitis, hematogenous pneumonia, DCM, lung and toe syndrome

9/7/22 – CT Rounds – Developmental PSS, Caroli’s Syndrome, DJD, Discospondylitis, Aspergillosis, Lesions of the GB, CBD, and Pancreas

8/31/22 – ER Rounds – Pneumoperitoneum, gastric lymphoma, feline hyperthyroidism, multiple myeloma, feline pyometra, pathologic femural fracture, blastomycosis

8/24/22 – CT Rounds – Tonsil Lesions, Rear Limb Deformity, Lipoma and L/S 

8/17/22 – CT Rounds – Hydronephrosis, Renal Cyst, Hydroureter, Bladder mass, IV Contrast Risks Explained, Cranial Mediastinal Mass, Thromboembolic Disease, SI Foreign Body, Sialocele

8/16/22 – ER Rounds – Echo-focused, Pulmonary Hypertension

8/10/22 – CT Rounds – Extrahepatic Shunt, Foreign Body, Paraganglioma, Multilobular Osteochondrosarcoma (MLO), Alveolar Pattern, Pleural Free Fluid, Abscess

8/3/22 – CT Rounds – Colonic torsion, SubQ Foreign body, Multi-organ/cavity nodules, Pedal Foreign body w/fistulogram, Shoulder Abscess

8/2/22 – ER Rounds – HW Positive, Echo, Eosinophilic Granulomata, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Lymphadenopathy, Liver Mass, Splenic Mass, Peritoneal Mass, Intestinal Mass, Carcinomatosis, Pneumomediastinum, Pneumoretroperitoneum (Macklin Effect) 

7/27/22 – CT Rounds – Pulmonary cyst, Perforating foreign body, Nasal tooth, Brain infiltrating mass, Primary lung mass with metastasis

7/19/22 – ER Rounds – Pneumonia, Hip Effusion (avascular necrosis), Pediatric tibial fracture, OSA, Feline Ortho

7/13/22 – CT Rounds – Aspergillosis, Nasal Carcinoma, Parotid Salivary Glands, Pneumonia, Megaesophagus, Otitis Media/Externa, Splenic Mass, Ectopia on CT – good example

7/6/22 – CT Rounds – Orbital Mass, Pheochromocytoma, Adrenomegaly, Splenic Infarction, Cholecystitis, Hepatitis, CVC Thrombus, Supraspinatus, Biceps Tendon

6/29/22 – CT Rounds – Fistulogram, Foreign Bodies, OSA/Pathologix Fx, Copper Associated Hepatitis

6/22/22 – CT Rounds – Arthrogram, Cord Compression, Lung Nodules, GI FB/Obstruction

6/21/22 – ER Rounds – Pulmonary Hypertension, GI Foreign Bodies, GI Hair, Pathologic Fractures

6/15/22 – CT Case Rounds – Abdominal Masses, Lymphadenopathy, ST Foreign Body, Biceps Tenosynovitis, OCD, DJD, OSA

6/8/22 – CT Case Rounds – Lung Bulla, Salivary Gland Carcinoma w/mets, Angular Limb Deformity, Liver Cirrhosis

6/7/22 – ER Rounds – Volvulus, Fetal count, GI Obstruction, CCL Rupture, Bronchitis

6/1/22 – CT Case Rounds – Ortho, Brachial Plexus, Pharynx, CT Angiography – pulm stenosis

5/25/22 CT Case Rounds – Urethra, Nasal/Thorax, Brain

5/18/22 CT Case Rounds – Dental and Liver

5/17/22 Radiology and Ultrasound of the Heart for Residents – Part 2

5/11/22 CT Case Rounds – Lung Torsion, Lymphoma, L-S Lesions, OCD/DJD, Thymus

5/4/22 CT Case Rounds – Nasal, Dental, Cervical Myelo

5/3/22 Radiology and Ultrasound of the Heart for Residents – Part 1

4/27/22 CT Cases – Nasal

4/13/22 CT Cases

4/6/22 CT Cases

4/5/22 ER Rounds – Echo

3/16/22 CT Case Rounds

3/15/22 ER Rounds

3/9/22 CT Case Rounds

3/2/22 CT Case Rounds

3/1/22 ER Rounds – Dyspneic Cat Flashcards, continued from 2/1

2/16/22 CT Case Rounds – Upper Airway

2/15/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Echo

2/9/22 More Cardio CT

2/2/22 Cardio CT

2/1/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Dyspneic Cat

1/26/22 CT/FL Case Rounds

1/19/22 Video Fluoroscopy Review w/Cases

1/18/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Dyspneic Cat

1/12/22 CT Case Rounds (Thoracic, TMJ)

1/5/22 CT Case Rounds – Cardiac focused

1/4/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds

12/22/21 Case Rounds (CT)

12/21/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

12/15/21 Case Discussions – HBC, Stifles, Vomiting

12/8/21 Case Rounds w/Modality focus

12/7/21 ER Rounds

11/17/21 Case Rounds

11/16/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

11/10/21 Portal and Hepatic Vascular Imaging

11/3/21 Case Rounds – Ears and more!

11/2/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

10/27/21 Case Studies and Modality Decisions

10/20/21 Case Rounds

10/19/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

10/13/21 Imaging Modality Comparison (XR, US, CT)

10/6/21 Case Rounds

10/5/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

9/29/21 Adrenal CT

9/22/21 Case Rounds

9/21/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

9/15/21 Forelimb Imaging – tech talk 

9/8/21 Case Rounds

9/7/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

9/1/21 Thoracic Imaging (non-cardiac) Part 2 – Case Studies

8/25/21 Thoracic Imaging (non-cardiac) Part 1

8/18/21 Case Rounds

8/17/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Thorax

8/11/21 Urinary Tract Imaging (XR, US, CT)

8/4/21 Case Rounds

8/3/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

7/28/21 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

7/20/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

7/14/21 The Vomiting Cat

7/7/21 Imaging the Vomiting Dog

7/6/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

Webinars Presented By:

Dr. Robert O’Brien DVM, MS, ACVR

Chief Radiologist and Director of Professional Services: Peregrine Radiology

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