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We provide our community of veterinary clients recurring webinars that will explore interesting cases and discuss different procedures and protocols that can be used to enhance your Vimago™ HDVI, Radiography, and Ultrasound skills.

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Date: 10/5/22

Topic: Emergency Imaging Rounds



Date: 10/12/22

Topic: CT Case Rounds



Date: 10/19/22

Topic: Emergency Imaging Rounds



Date: 10/26/22

Topic: CT Case Rounds



Date: 11/2/22

Topic: Emergency Imaging Rounds


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9/21/22 – CT Rounds – Thigh mass, panosteitis, humeral medial epicondylitis, nasal mass, brain lesion

9/14/22 – ER Rounds – Obstructive foreign body, infectious bronchitis, hematogenous pneumonia, DCM, lung and toe syndrome

9/7/22 – CT Rounds – Developmental PSS, Caroli’s Syndrome, DJD, Discospondylitis, Aspergillosis, Lesions of the GB, CBD, and Pancreas

8/31/22 – ER Rounds – Pneumoperitoneum, gastric lymphoma, feline hyperthyroidism, multiple myeloma, feline pyometra, pathologic femural fracture, blastomycosis

8/24/22 – CT Rounds – Tonsil Lesions, Rear Limb Deformity, Lipoma and L/S 

8/17/22 – CT Rounds – Hydronephrosis, Renal Cyst, Hydroureter, Bladder mass, IV Contrast Risks Explained, Cranial Mediastinal Mass, Thromboembolic Disease, SI Foreign Body, Sialocele

8/16/22 – ER Rounds – Echo-focused, Pulmonary Hypertension

8/10/22 – CT Rounds – Extrahepatic Shunt, Foreign Body, Paraganglioma, Multilobular Osteochondrosarcoma (MLO), Alveolar Pattern, Pleural Free Fluid, Abscess

8/3/22 – CT Rounds – Colonic torsion, SubQ Foreign body, Multi-organ/cavity nodules, Pedal Foreign body w/fistulogram, Shoulder Abscess

8/2/22 – ER Rounds – HW Positive, Echo, Eosinophilic Granulomata, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Lymphadenopathy, Liver Mass, Splenic Mass, Peritoneal Mass, Intestinal Mass, Carcinomatosis, Pneumomediastinum, Pneumoretroperitoneum (Macklin Effect) 

7/27/22 – CT Rounds – Pulmonary cyst, Perforating foreign body, Nasal tooth, Brain infiltrating mass, Primary lung mass with metastasis

7/19/22 – ER Rounds – Pneumonia, Hip Effusion (avascular necrosis), Pediatric tibial fracture, OSA, Feline Ortho

7/13/22 – CT Rounds – Aspergillosis, Nasal Carcinoma, Parotid Salivary Glands, Pneumonia, Megaesophagus, Otitis Media/Externa, Splenic Mass, Ectopia on CT – good example

7/6/22 – CT Rounds – Orbital Mass, Pheochromocytoma, Adrenomegaly, Splenic Infarction, Cholecystitis, Hepatitis, CVC Thrombus, Supraspinatus, Biceps Tendon

6/29/22 – CT Rounds – Fistulogram, Foreign Bodies, OSA/Pathologix Fx, Copper Associated Hepatitis

6/22/22 – CT Rounds – Arthrogram, Cord Compression, Lung Nodules, GI FB/Obstruction

6/21/22 – ER Rounds – Pulmonary Hypertension, GI Foreign Bodies, GI Hair, Pathologic Fractures

6/15/22 – CT Case Rounds – Abdominal Masses, Lymphadenopathy, ST Foreign Body, Biceps Tenosynovitis, OCD, DJD, OSA

6/8/22 – CT Case Rounds – Lung Bulla, Salivary Gland Carcinoma w/mets, Angular Limb Deformity, Liver Cirrhosis

6/7/22 – ER Rounds – Volvulus, Fetal count, GI Obstruction, CCL Rupture, Bronchitis

6/1/22 – CT Case Rounds – Ortho, Brachial Plexus, Pharynx, CT Angiography – pulm stenosis

5/25/22 CT Case Rounds – Urethra, Nasal/Thorax, Brain

5/18/22 CT Case Rounds – Dental and Liver

5/17/22 Radiology and Ultrasound of the Heart for Residents – Part 2

5/11/22 CT Case Rounds – Lung Torsion, Lymphoma, L-S Lesions, OCD/DJD, Thymus

5/4/22 CT Case Rounds – Nasal, Dental, Cervical Myelo

5/3/22 Radiology and Ultrasound of the Heart for Residents – Part 1

4/27/22 CT Cases – Nasal

4/13/22 CT Cases

4/6/22 CT Cases

4/5/22 ER Rounds – Echo

3/16/22 CT Case Rounds

3/15/22 ER Rounds

3/9/22 CT Case Rounds

3/2/22 CT Case Rounds

3/1/22 ER Rounds – Dyspneic Cat Flashcards, continued from 2/1

2/16/22 CT Case Rounds – Upper Airway

2/15/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Echo

2/9/22 More Cardio CT

2/2/22 Cardio CT

2/1/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Dyspneic Cat

1/26/22 CT/FL Case Rounds

1/19/22 Video Fluoroscopy Review w/Cases

1/18/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Dyspneic Cat

1/12/22 CT Case Rounds (Thoracic, TMJ)

1/5/22 CT Case Rounds – Cardiac focused

1/4/22 Emergency Imaging Rounds

12/22/21 Case Rounds (CT)

12/21/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

12/15/21 Case Discussions – HBC, Stifles, Vomiting

12/8/21 Case Rounds w/Modality focus

12/7/21 ER Rounds

11/17/21 Case Rounds

11/16/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

11/10/21 Portal and Hepatic Vascular Imaging

11/3/21 Case Rounds – Ears and more!

11/2/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

10/27/21 Case Studies and Modality Decisions

10/20/21 Case Rounds

10/19/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

10/13/21 Imaging Modality Comparison (XR, US, CT)

10/6/21 Case Rounds

10/5/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

9/29/21 Adrenal CT

9/22/21 Case Rounds

9/21/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

9/15/21 Forelimb Imaging – tech talk 

9/8/21 Case Rounds

9/7/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

9/1/21 Thoracic Imaging (non-cardiac) Part 2 – Case Studies

8/25/21 Thoracic Imaging (non-cardiac) Part 1

8/18/21 Case Rounds

8/17/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds – Thorax

8/11/21 Urinary Tract Imaging (XR, US, CT)

8/4/21 Case Rounds

8/3/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

7/28/21 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

7/20/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

7/14/21 The Vomiting Cat

7/7/21 Imaging the Vomiting Dog

7/6/21 Emergency Imaging Rounds

Recurring Webinars:

Presented by: Dr. Bob O’Brien DVM, MS, ACVR
Provided by: Peregrine Radiology
Sponsored by: Epica Animal Health