New Era of Imaging Technology

From the discovery of x-rays in the late 1800’s to mainstream ultrasound usage in the 1990’s, technological advances in imaging have improved veterinary medicine throughout history.

What’s the greatest advancement in imaging yet? It’s called Vimago™ – high definition 3D volumetric imaging. Vimago™ uniquely scans data in volume vs. helical in computed tomography. This difference helps to increase resolution with minimal noise, reduce radiation, and provide veterinarians with whole data for better diagnostics in axial, coronal, and sagittal planes. A key additional feature to this advancement is the rendering of high definition 3D images. Moreover, Vimago™ is a mobile, compact system with abilities to scan from a mouse to a mastiff that has fluoroscopy and digitial x-ray on board.

Vimago™ was engineered and designed specifically for veterinary medicine, to create a platform that improves prognosis, reduced costs, and overall provides better medicine. Imagine bringing advanced imaging to your practice increasing profitability and improving patient care!

A major difference with our specialists here at Peregrine is that they are Epica trained to read Vimago™ images to their full potential.

Check out the following videos for more detail!

Some incredible images taken Only With Vimago™: